HTSEM Features

-Admission form: Use to record personal details and contact information about every student.

-Sorting of school population: This module filters the school population base on gender, grade or year of enrollment. Very useful for statistics

- Import from a spreadsheet: With this module, the administrators can import student information from a spreadsheet into the system, useful for batch enrollment

-Attendance tracking: This module helps perform a daily Roll Call and track attendance accordingly.

-Tracking of evaluation notes /scores: (continuous assessment) Useful for tracking all the scores for evaluations and exams throughout the year

-Promoting a student: Helps promote a student to another Grade at the end of the year or whenever needed.

-Tuition fee recording: Useful for payment tracking and accounting

- Email module: This module helps send a message to a selected distribution list. ( For example, the school office can choose to send a message to only parents or to only teachers, etc.

- User access privilege: : This functionality helps the administrators assign roles to each user and create restrictions.

-Parent and student Area: This is an area for student to see their assignments or for parent to check on their kids' performance scores or the details of the tuition fee paid.

HTSEM - Enrollment Manager 3.0.0

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